As digital media technologies advance, audiences desire more engaging experiences, with a greater sense of actuality and presence – of being there, both inside and outside the cinema. Better networks and domestic media platforms have fuelled a desire for anytime and anywhere access, and the ability to personalise the view or content.

Scene responds by developing novel scene representations for digital media to create and deliver richer media experiences. The scene representations go beyond the ability of either sample based (video) or model-based (CGI) methods. The scene representation and its associated tools will make it possible to capture 3D video, combine video seamlessly with CGI, manipulate and deliver it to either 2D or 3D platforms in either linear or interactive form.

Scene will address the problem along the chain from 3D data capture and analysis, the extraction of scene information, construction and manipulation of the representation, through to its optimisation for network delivery and rendering on different platforms and at different quality levels.

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